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Performing machineries "custom-made" personalized according to the requirement specified by the customers

Some examples:

  • Automatic machine for multiple drilling of tubulars.

  • Automatic machine for continuous hardening of blades for ribs.

  • Variable-frequency generator up to 6 MHz with twin heating heads.

  • High-speed thermoforming machine in-line - variable pitch - fixed or variable strip. Twin supports for bobbin. Thermal conditioning unit. Forming station with adjustable counter-mold. Cutting. Scrap recovery.

  • Semi-automatic packaging machine for skinpack - useful size format mm 350 x 2100 x 80 (H)

    • Welding line PP / PVC
      • clutched unwinder
      • thermal conditioning unit
      • soldering
      • punching
      • lenghtwise cut double creasing for finished product deposition as "zig zag" in a box.
      • Speed 20 strokes/minute.

Genesi linea saldatura

    • Design and manufacturing in series of machines as per customer's specifications

special machine 2