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We design and build special machines and standard equipments for packaging: high frequency welding machines for PVC and derivatives, blister packaging, skin pack machines, thermoforming machines, cutting and folding machines for removable blister.

We also design and build systems for induction heating and drying systems in dielectric loss.

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Over forty years of experience in an industry with many different applications, have brought our company to achieve a consolidated knowledge in the field of high frequency and its applications, in addition to a technical level and expertise necessary to satisfy the demands of a market in continuous evolution.

The fields of application are curious and varied:

  • METALLURGIC INDUSTRY: welding, brazing (coupling of different metals), tempering (hardening of steels to enhance the strength of mechanical parts subjected to friction)and welding or heating of stainless steel for molding.
  • FOOD INDUSTRY: ham cooking, sterilization of fruit juices, biscuits final dehydration.
  • TEXTILE INDUSTRY: drying of silkworm cocoons in order to prevent the puncture, viscose yarn processing, printing logos and trademarks in relief on fabrics.
  • PLASTIC INDUSTRY: Welding of PVC and derivatives, welding of polyester laminated with interposition of wadding, processing of special materials such as flock, and curdled foam, laminated polyurethane welding, welding curtains, pressure-and tension structures.
  • WOOD INDUSTRY: forming and bonding, with special resins, of wheel drive high quality cars; drying after steam bending of table legs or parts of sofas and armchairs.

Our company deals with the production of standard machines and is specialized in the design and construction of machinery, plants and accessories in special execution. Carrying out of electronic welding and induction welding for every needs. Functional changes to existing machines and plants, in order to satisfy the specific need of customers.

The technical staff, highly qualified, ensuring reliability with timely and reliable after-sales services, technical assistance and preventive maintenance on machines of any make and year of production.

Technical advice, practical demonstrations, testing of samples and Custom sampling.
Construction of pilot plants.

Customized courses about electronic welding (inflatables, welding without dielectric, PET-G - A-PET welding , calculation yields, calculation of welding electrodes and welding surfaces, etc.).